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      Le Si Ruirong hung electronics by the French Soci t Industrielle de D coupage-Emboutissage &Blindages pour I'Electronique (SIDE company) LSR new industrial stamping punching Co. Ltd. in 1995 (formerly known as Shandong Haiyang electronic components factory), registered in Beijing enterprises. Is a professional engaged in R & D and production of glass and metal, ceramic and metal sealing manufacturers. The technical field of mechanical processing, sintering, electroplating, is one of the key units of reliability growth engineering.
      Company construction area of 8500 square meters, a total of 96 employees, including professional and technical personnel 22 people (5 senior engineers). The package has been involved in the field of semiconductor discrete devices, semiconductor integrated circuit, integrated circuit, photoelectric devices, sensors, relays, microwave power devices, delay line, shouldering the national key project, satellite, missile, rocket and weapons with a task...